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Paul Covell Consultants was formed in 1990 to provide specialist architectural lighting design services, particularly for churches and other places of worship, as well as theatre consultancy services for smaller entertainment venues.  Although no longer active as theatre consultants, our theatre work included spatial planning, staging / seating / sightline studies, and technical systems specification and integration, much of which remains highly applicable to places of worship.  We relocated to Scotland in 2015 but continue to work on projects throughout the UK.


As a small independent design consultancy we can


  • discuss your requirements and provide initial outline advice

  • produce concept designs, including virtual 3D models

  • select the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment based on aesthetics, energy efficiency and capital costs

  • further develop designs, producing detailed planning and tender drawings and specifications

  • assist in obtaining approvals from the relevant statutory bodies

  • monitor projects during construction, installation, commissioning and handover


Having no commercial links with manufacturers, distributors or contractors, we can provide a truly independent and impartial planning service, devising the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for each project.


We pride ourselves in working sympathetically with clients, other design team members if involved, and contractors, particularly those who have little or no experience of specialist practices like ours.  Our schemes are presented in a visually clear and concise manner, using AutoCAD and DIALux among other apps.


Our fees are very competitive and represent excellent value for money.  Fee proposals are based on an agreed scope of works tailored to the requirements of the project.  It is important that these requirements are clearly defined in a project brief produced by the client.  This is especially the case if more than one designer is to be approached, or it will not be possible to compare bids on a like for like basis.  To help formulate a brief for church lighting schemes we have prepared some notes which are available on request.


So whether you need to up-date a tired and inefficient lighting installation, are planning to reorder or refurbish an existing place of worship, or considering a new build project, we can provide the specialist advice and design services your project merits.


To request a copy of our church lighting briefing notes, discuss your needs, or arrange an initial consultation, please get in touch using the link on our contact page.

For further information on Paul Covell’s background, please click here.