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Church of Scotland parish church in Glasgow suburb designed by renowned Glasgow architect James Miller and originally dedicated in 1905.  Several extensions have since taken place, including building a new hall to which an upper floor was added in 1972.  Further improvements were commissioned in 2018, including redecoration, a new lighting scheme, new sound system, and new carpeting and pew cushions.  To celebrate this a service of re-dedication was held in February 2019.

Involvement: Design of new lighting in the sanctuary, aisle, gallery and west end entrance lobbies and corridor.

LED lighting was specified throughout, including compact spotlights to replace the old open tungsten floodlights in the sanctuary which were difficult to access and expensive to run. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ pictures of the sanctuary are shown above, as is a picture of the new roof lighting which has added a new dimension to the interior.

When the upper floor was added to the hall, although the top central window above the organ still received daylight, the three windows below were blocked in.  To remedy this, vertical fluorescent tubes had been installed behind each window, but these were very ineffective. The window pictures above, taken in daylight, show these windows with no artificial lighting and with the newly installed high intensity LED edge lit light panels behind the stained glass which have given them new life.

To increase flexibility, a lighting control system was specified and installed using wireless dimmers and control panels mounted in strategic locations.

Dedicated emergency lighting units were installed at high level in the Sanctuary together with dual purpose primary/emergency units in the west end entrance lobbies/corridor and on the gallery stair well.  To supplement the existing 'exit' signage, a new illuminated 'exit' sign was installed on the rear gallery.

Photos © Paul Covell Consultants