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19th Century Scottish Episcopal church with nave, chancel, north transept and side chapel.

Involvement: Design and commissioning of new lighting in all worship areas of the church, together with lighting controls.

The previous lighting in the nave was provided by pairs of wall mounted fittings with globes and 200W GLS lamps.  A similar 2-lamp unit was installed in the north transept.  The chancel was lit by adjustable surface mounted spotlights with PAR30/38 lamps in quite prominent locations.  Some of these illuminated the ceiling but most provided general lighting in this area.  The chapel to the north of the chancel was lit with 3 three-arm chandeliers fitted with large GLS lamps.

As with many churches, the brief was to provide more interesting and flexible lighting, and to reduce power consumption and the need for frequent maintenance.  In the nave this was achieved by specifying lighting tracks with adjustable spotlights as these are easier and less expensive to install than a series of individual lighting points.  Three-circuit tracks were used, allowing independent control of general lighting, east nave highlighting and roof lighting respectively.  The chancel was lit with similar spotlights, mounted more discreetly than the previous units, and focused to provide general lighting, sanctuary highlighting and roof lighting.  Further spots were located in the north transept and to highlight the east end of the side chapel.  The nave wall lights were re‑lamped with dimmable LED lamps and the chandeliers in the side chapel re-lamped with lower powered TH lamps.

To increase flexibility, a lighting control system was specified and installed using wireless dimmers and control panels mounted in strategic locations.

Illuminated ‘exit’ signs were installed above the doors, and emergency spotlights were located discreetly, mainly at high level, to illuminate exit routes.

Photos © Paul Covell Consultants