West Bromwich The Public: Event Space

Flexible and sub-dividable space in new art gallery, for performances, conferences, lectures, exhibitions and other functions. The art gallery has since closed and the building has been taken over by a local college.

Involvement: Seating and staging layouts and design, specification and commissioning of general and stage lighting, sound, communications and a‑v/projection systems, and suspensions for lighting and a‑v equipment.


In collaboration with the architect, ingenious planning was required to create a usable and flexible space from the shell of the ‘theatre’ space which was already built when we became involved. This included a bank of retractable seating which could be moved from one end of the space to the other, and a series of motorised trusses to accommodate lighting, sound and a-v equipment.  Thereafter we produced a specification for the performance systems, and oversaw their installation and commissioning.

Photos © Mark Enstone/Julian Flannery & Paul Covell Consultants